Create schedule from dynamo in a required format

Hi all,

I am trying to create schedule from dynamo. Is it possible to create schedule as snipped below

I want to merge rows into one cell to denote only one cell as beam no.

Like requirement is -
For every element I want to have 2 rows so that I can enter my corresponding data in that.

Please let me know

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Hi @shashank.baganeACM ,

Perhaps the Bumblebee package has some nodes to do this.

When trying to do anything with dynamo, or code, a good first question is if you can do it manually through Revit. If the answer is no, then there’s a high chance you can’t with dynamo either. To my knowledge you can’t merge the two cells you show, but you could put a line break after ever unique item in “beam no” that way you still get some visual separation between each beam number.

I’d manually create a schedule, get it formatted how you want it and then make a template. Then when you go into Dynamo, you can create a schedule and apply the template to it.


I don’t think bumblebee will help me to do this because I want to merge two cells in schedule which is not possible as per my knowledge, please correct me if I am wrong @Daan @stewart.skyler. But if that is done I am done with schedule :rofl:.

Not possible. Rows are rows. The only way to get this to work is by using a hack tool like Ideate Sticky or DI Roots Tablegen to put a dead schedule from Excel into the header zone of a Revit schedule.


@GavinCrump Diroots can help me with this.
I guess ideate sticky is a paid plugin which is not in my hand to purchase it. But of course I can use wonderful plugin developed by @DiRoots which is very useful for such situation

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