Automating changing Element parameter value


I am trying to change the parameter value of detail elements in Revit. I have done that using these nodes but when I work on big files where I have many other elements of the same category that method is not viable anymore. The problem is that the output value is an abstract name with a number. If I want to do the same in Revit manually I will have the axis to the properties of the elements and I can simply change the values by their name while here the value doesn’t show the value name. for example the graphic style output in this shot is a hidden line how can I know that ?? Any suggestions ?? problem02

Try the node Element.Parameters

Thanks this is quite useful… but I was wondering if there is a node where I can instead of adding the parameter value as a Graphic style … . I can just simply generate the same value by typing a string. Does it exist ?? because the name “Hidden” is connected to the value Graphic style in Revit. Something does exactly the opposite of what this node does. hid

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The “Get Line Style by Name” node from the package should do exactly that.


Yes indeed… Supper !