Automatic Placement of light fittings with Dynamo

Hi guys. This is my first time posting on this forum hoping I will get a solution. I have been trying to create a script for extracting points from autocad then placing lights on the points using dynamo. ites been one very long task and I think I need help. All the possible solutions are leaving me with the same solution., the lights stuck on the ground floor. I want them on the ceiling but it seems the z coordinate isnt working. Anyone with the solution , I will definately appreciate. The conduit fittings can be placed at the required elevation but not the light fittings.


Check out GeniusLoci and Bimorph packages…



Man. I tried a lot of stuff. Let me try to post my script, maybe you could help from there. I tried to upload but since it was my firts post it couldn’t

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I can’t upload as a new user

I’m having the same problem - it seems that face-based hosting is still, after all this time, a problem for revit. doesn’t make sense. there’s got to be a better way!