Automated Wall Section

Hi all,

Did something in my downtime while waiting for a train which I thought I’d share.

It takes a selected wall element (or any other curve based family really), and inputs for the percent of the length where you want to cut the element; an offset from the element, the depth of view cut, add if you want it flipped not and gives you a section which is perpendicular to the element, including the “outlines” of the element as detail lines to allow for snapping.

Great for those curved or off axis walls which don’t want to have sections added perpendicular to their face.

The script makes use of design script and custom nodes from the Clockwork, Bakery, and Steam Nodes packages, so as always thanks to the respective authors who help make this software such a wonderful tool.

Section View - Create by Element and Trace with Detail Lines.dyn (22.6 KB)


Is it possible to select multiple walls? And add a perpendicular wall section?
Tried to edit with no sucess

This could be done by altering the initial selection to work with the Datashapes package as indicated in the first grouping.

The section created should be perpendicular to the wall - did you want one that is parallel to the element at that point? That could be possible without too many changes. You’d basically need to change the section line to be created by the tangent line at the input parameter. It could be modified further to create an elevation view by translating the line by the desired offset distance in the direction of the normal at the input parameter.

Start a new thread with a link here and relevant files/screenshots and myself and others can help out accordingly.

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