Create view containing multiple elements


I’m trying to create one section view containing 2 structural framings, like depicted in the image below:

I’m using the Create Element View node from the BIM4Struc package like this:


The problem is that the view generated only encompasses the bottom framing, not the top one.

Am I doing something wrong or is this node not able to do what I want?


Input looks like it only takes a single element. I imagine that the …161 element is the bottom element and the structralframing.local is only taking the first entry of the list.

@JacobSmall I saw your wall section script. Any chance you know how to add multiple elements to the section?

Which one? Even looking in my drive I’m at a loss. Might be time for me to organize (I have a scary number of dyn files in my forums folder alone at the moment).

The odd problems we create for ourselves…

Oh that’s an old one from before I was at Autodesk… don’t have the original files anymore (the rest with my old employer), but likely could do what you’re after. You’d need to be clear on how you wanted the logic to work if the elements weren’t parallel.

That said, I’m not sure how it helps @RuiBarreiros though as he appears to be after a plan view. I’ll take a look tonight if I get time though. Got a vacation coming up though so I’m pretty busy.

I didn’t know you were at Autodesk. Never really think about what others do here, outside of Dynamo.

Maybe I misunderstood but I thought he was after a section. @RuiBarreiros care to clarify?

Thanks @JacobSmall for the effort!

@dsmith, I’m after a section cut, yes! I want to create a section view that shows both beams (bottom and top on the figure).

why not create a scopebox by boundary box after setting the perpendicular/plan view if possible, or extending the cropbox, somehow you have the logic to know there should be two elements, or it can be derived?