Automate naming devises in a spastic zone

Good afternoon,
I want to start by saying I am new to both the MEP and REVIT world. I am working in the electrical field.

So I truly appreciate any help and knowledge you have to share.

What I am trying to do is streamline a little of what we do.

I have a room that I is broken up into 3 zones. I am placing the outlets onto the wall and tagging them. What I am looking to do is as I tag them I want to display a unique name for each outlet without going into each outlets comment field and placing an A,B, or C.

I would like the tag to auto-populate the a,b,c, tag for each outlet in each zone in a large room.
is this possible?

Yes, this should be possible, but generally the Forum likes to help folks resolve parts of thier graph they are having trouble with. If you could share what you have this far, we can help get you to a solution.

Dax, this is possible, as sean noted. I suggested using the “Mark” parameter for naming equipment, not comments.

You will need to use the “Set Parameter” node to set the values for these outlets.

Hi guys thank you for responding.
This is my first venture into using dynamo with Revit. So at this point sadly I have nothing to share. I have been trying different things but really just stabs in the dark.

I will work on getting a graph laded out and post if I stumble.

thank you so much.