Looking to set up Automated Zone/Area Designation

I am looking to set up a number of zones within revit, to capture MEP geometry for each, and enter in one of the parameters a designation value.

So for instance, if we have the “North Zone”, I want the “Fabrication Notes” parameter to be automatically populated with “North Zone”, so that I can run a report for all Zones.

I’d like it to be automated so that when new geometry is added/developed it will also have the “X Zone” in the “Fabrication Notes” parameter.

Has anyone developed something like this before? Is there any particular Nodes that I should look at? Is there something like this built into Revit already?

If your using scope boxes, use that parameter / Name to identify the zone it’s using or in.


I just had a coworker suggest using either the ‘Area’ or ‘Room’ tools to specify the zones that I need. I haven’t had the chance to implement or try out their usage but from looking into them they seem to be exactly what I am looking for.

I’ll also be looking into the ‘Scope Box’ as @SeanP has suggested, thank you!