Automate Dimension fixed to the grid

Hi guys!

I’m working on a project with hundeds of holes in the slab.

Since for the first time the company want the dimension of all the holes from the slab I’m drawing dimension for hundreds of slab holes.

I though, mybe I can automate it in somehow:

The initial geometry: 1 Slab, n holes, grids.


  1. Find the edge and the centre of each holes in slab.
  2. Find all the distance between hole and grids and take the minimum.
  3. Use dimension in Dynamo for the closest X grid dimension and Y grid dimension.

I’m an intermediate in Dynamo since I always used Grasshopper. Do you think It’s possible? I searched this topic online but I culdn’t find anything useful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lorenzo.glielmi,

If your holes are made with family instances, this will be not to difficult with the categories Reference and Dimension of the Genius Loci package.

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In this case floor’s holes are made from the floor drawing. Do you think is better use family instances? maybe it’s heavier for Revit :confused:

Maybe, but it will be much more difficult to achieve your goal without family instances.

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I see, my idea is trying to find the centre of each holes (with the initial hypothesis of only rectangular holes), then from the centre I can find the closest grid line and I can intersect the edge of the holes to get my dimensions. I could try on grasshopper before to see if it could works.

BTW I’ve just found this, which could be for me a guide: Auto Dimension Floors: Revit & Dynamo - YouTube

i would like to develop it as a visual script or python and not in the code block :frowning: