AutoCAD linetypes in Revit

I am looking for some assistance or direction. I would like to assign a line type style that contains text from AutoCAD to the line styles referenced in the AutoCAD file within my Revit file if that makes sense.
I realize I can make a revit family to draw a line with a text but I am hoping to attach text line style from AutoCAD file via Dynamo.

@steven.tannerBeca , hi

you could also import to a emty project your dwg and explode it. Than you would also have all line styles and names as nativ Revit Elements.



Thank you Draxl. I already tried this and it didn’t work.
I am trying to avoid exploding my files. They are pretty big utility and drainage drawings.

Revit doesn’t allow the use of symbols in a line, so any attempt at this will involve the equivalent of exploding the CAD work, but worse as each piece of text will have to be a new element in Revit. The resulting file would be mostly unusable.

Utilize either a filter to color lines uniquely by their style, or move to a BIM workflow and model the conduit/pipes in 3D (in Civil and import them as such, or Revit).

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Jacob, we use a “BIM workflow” and now that we’re using a HP SitePrint robot, the inability of Revit to support line types with text is making us revert back to CAD. Extremely frustrating!

No idea was at the HP SitePrint robot is, or why the lack of text in lines would prevent the use of Revit. Can you elaborate?

Every line and each line of text takes time to print. Way faster to combine the text and line into a single pass. Can’t do this in Revit unfortunately due to the lack of support for complex DXF line styles.

Interesting… Can you send a pic of the printed layout with the text from a site? Curious to see how the result comes out.

Not sure what file format it takes, but it’s likely that you could write out the format directly from Revit via Dynamo or other automation tool, incorporating the text and line into one object as needed.

Currently printing text separate from the lines. Needs to be embedded to the line type in DXF format to enable printing in a single pass.

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Is DXF the only format the machine reads?