Auto-tracing wires with Dynamo

Hi there
I’m wondering if anyone has attempted this before or could possibly give me a good starting point? I have all these electrical circuits but haven’t shown the wiring for this yet, is there a way though for Dynamo to read the circuiting and just apply the wires automatically?
Almost identifying that there is a circuit made that has wires and just putting the clothes on the circuit so to speak (applying the wires so it is visible on plan)

Any suggestions or good starting points, even packages that may have some good nodes connections would be really useful and I would greatly appreciate it!

Just want to get a feel for what the community has out there already on this topic before re-inventing the wheel.

Upon further investigation I have reviewed the API in '17 and it appears all the call commands are only available in 2018

Does anybody know a way around this or is there places I need to look that I’m not?
I have started my dynamo script I just can’t figure out how to apply the function? I have uploaded a copy of what my script contains.
Any advice or help would be appreciated, I’m not too familiar with trying these types of IF statements. I have Return but really I want something that can action an apply.function
I have written a code block and also attempted to do the if statement in a python script node…Auto-Circuit creation Wire script.dyn (17.7 KB)

If I need to supply more information please let me know!