Auto Tagging

I am attempting to create a script that will tag shop drawing for MEP. I need to tag welds with a weld tag and item with an item tag both being in an MEP Fab tag. I open up my assembly view (iso) and select everything. I can get the script to filter and isolate what I need tagged and put it in their proper list. I can also see the location points on the graph in the back ground. I am unable get the script to create the tags. I have also noticed that all of the point do no show up with the “Element Location” node. This is my first time trying to create a tag and dealing with geometry. What am i doing wrong?

For ease of troubleshooting, do you mind uploading a run with the node output previews downstream of the datashapes collection? It would make it easier to check for things like list structure.

Here is a different assembly that I need to tag. Here is the script, assembly pic, and a closeup of the points that show up in the canvas. Is this what you need to look at?

Apologies since I’m away from my workstation to do a better dive on this:

Your input list of elements for your annotation tag just says ‘Weld’ - I would expect to see a list including Element IDs. See if you can change your boolean mask to filter elements instead of your fabrication service type.

Similar comment for the TagType input. That should be an Element ID corresponding to the Tag Type Family, not stringtext.