Auto Select Civil 3D Objects from Dynamo Object List

Hello everyone,

I have created a property set in Civil 3D. This Property set can i use as filter using the following script:

Now i would like to automatically select the entire list in my Civil 3D Environment.
sort of “Select Objects” but then automatically.

Thanks in advance!

  • Daan

Do you mean you want to assign the Property Set to all the objects first?
In that case set the variable AECPSDAUTOATTACH to On at the command line.
All the objects (even the newly created after) of the object types assigned to the Property Set will appear in the list.

No, i would like to have Civil 3D Select all the objects which this list outputs.
No overwriting or manipulating data through Dynamo is needed.

Python + Civil3DToolkit


Wow this is exactly what i am looking for, are you able to share this code in text?

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Could you maybe share this Python File? I rewrote your script but i am getting an error:

I would suggest you re-look at your python code because you may have forgot a “)” somewhere.

Same problem here. Python Script returns an error…
Can we make this work…?

Looks like a typo error. Could you copy paste the python code here.

Or try the solution here, it accomplishes the same thing (select by handle).

Thanks Zachri!
Your solution worked perfectly.

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