Select Objects in Drawing

Does anyone know of a way to select objects in a drawing, similar to how QSELECT works? I want to be able to select objects based on additional criteria that you can’t do with QSELECT, such as property set data.

By “select” I mean actually grabbing and highlighting objects in the drawing, just like if you click on them.

Hi @mzjensen

Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

Not quite - I’m looking for the process to work in the other direction. For example, I’d like to use ObjectByProperty to get objects that match certain criteria, and then highlight/select those objects in C3D.

Can you drop here dwg sample file which contains objects property?

I think you need to use Python to create a selection set.

@Kulkul see attached. I’d like to be able to select/highlight objects by phase, segment, or a combination.

Property Set.dwg (393.8 KB)

@mzjensen thanks for dropping i will look at it in the morning.

Hi @mzjensen



Yep, that’s it! Are you willing to share the Python snippet? Or explain some of the steps involved so that I can do it?

Here you go @mzjensen For Zachri Jensen.dyn (13.6 KB)

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You’re Welcome!


Done. Thanks @Kulkul!

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