Auto Numbering In Revit

Hello Guys,

I am new to Dynamo, I want to change the mark in my revit model as per the excel, can some one guide me where i am making mistake?

excel file is attached for ref.

Please find the screen shot.

The node string.replace you are using replace with ??
So the output can not return string value.

It is not clear what you want to achieve (the Excel file is not attached, and the Excel part of your graph is not connected to anything)

For example:

  • Do you want to replace part of the mark parameter ?
  • Do you want to look up something from Excel, and update the model

If you provide some more information- say by an example, somone on the forum will most likelt help you


first of all i can’t see you setting any rule to be followed for the renumbering scheme ? i’m not sure if the results will be satisfying for you even when the excel is being read. ( maybe you structured the excel sheet in the desired manner ? )

secondly, from your watch node i assume you had two columns in the excel sheet “Mark & Tag”.
check the pic. i kept the results for each node there in order for you to understand the workflow better

Hi Andrew,

  1. Yes i want to change the entire mark parameter.
  2. Yes i want to read the excel and and change the mark starting from 1.
  3. Later in want to change the equipment tag based on the mark.
    the excel will have both columns first column with mark and second with tag.
    I am not able to upload the excel so attaching the snapshot.

you don’t need the Tag column up there… you are tagging your mark values in the project.

Numbering objects sequentially (in no particular order) is pretty straightforward- refer below

To update the tag values is more complicated- and you would need to use a dictionary, or database query.
Search for this on the forum & you will find some relevant posts, including from me.

You basically need one field which is fixed/static in both Revit model and the excel file.
You use this to join (or lookup) data.
It is probably best to use the element ID for this, rather than the mark
Your data would look something like this- and you would use the ‘ID’ field as the key