Auto Dimensions

What is the error I am trying to put the dimensions from the face of the column to the Grids but it gives me the dimension of the column

Hard to tell by the screenshot as you have errors on nodes and also Python scripts, but the outcome indicates your issue lies with the addition of grids to the lists of column references. Start there, and work your way back. Ideally all dimensions will have 3 references that should be parallel to the column faces. The List.Insert looks a bit off, I’d expect it to insert an item @L1 to a list @L2 usually.

Hey @Abdelrahman.Ahmed96, What your error is, is what I am trying to build.
I’m quite new with Dynamo and would love to learn different approaches to a problem.
Could you maybe share what you did in the script, because it is a bit hard to read?
Or, if possible, It would be great if you could share the script itself.

Hope to hear from you.