Attach multiple tags to each family

I want to place multiple tags in each family in Daynamo,At first, I tried to use “Tag.ByElementAndLocation”, but I can only place one type of tag. In addition I use “Create Independent Tag” to place multiple tags in all families. I was able to add, but the node does not work well when conditional branching is performed. I thought about other methods, but I got stuck. Any ideas?

Hi @t-miuraAGNKG and welcome, sorry for the late reply, Element.SetParameterByName can do what you are asking for:

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I tried the method you taught me, but it doesn’t work. I’m separating the data by type parameter, is it wrong in the first place?

This is what i wanted to do.

@t-miuraAGNKG you need to specify points where you want your tags.
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Even if someone tries many times, it still be the same tags
is it possible to place tags in the same location with this setting? or should I change settings of tag?

@t-miuraAGNKG I am not getting what is your goal; If you want to have more than one tag on the same family at the same time, you can use the same tag at different locations of your family, then change some of the placed tags to different tags using the set parameter node;
What you are missing is appropriate points on your family as location to place the tags;
To identify points on the family, you can use Element.Geometry or Element.BoundingBox/ BoundingBox.Geometry, extract a flat surface, then its perimeter curves, point at parameter with value 0.5 to get the middle of the curves, these points will be the location of your tags

@tradelie I realized that the cause was the system language. I was able to solve it. Thank you

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