Applying Multiple Tags At The Same Time

Hi all,

So i’m just starting out with using Dynamo with Revit, and i’ve stumbled into a problem I’m unable to solve.

I’ve created a little bit of code that sets a parameter to have a number (Mark), and the idea is that it will then go through and add all the appropriate tags for that item (I.e Number Tag, Electrical Socket Tags, Water Connection Tags).

Now this works great using the Orchid node at applying the first tag, however it will not apply the second one no matter what. I know the code works when plugged into the element tag individually, however it won’t run both at the same time.

Am I making a very obvious and silly error here, or is their another sort of method I need to use to apply multiple tags?

Hi @JamieMarshallCPL ,

What about something like this? (Is there a reason you aren’t supplying a point?)

Also, are you sure the second FamilyType input is a valid tag?

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Well that’s a bit silly of me, I took an image from when I hadn’t got everything connected up correctly! Even with the nodes correctly hooked up this still does not work. It’s almost as if it only runs the first set of nodes it runs into, but not the second set.

The whole MarkVariable() bit is just some redundant code at this point, it will eventually be used further down the line where I will need to know the number. It worked and didn’t seem to break anything so I just kept it in for now.

Is the Second Family Type a tag? The name doesn’t look like the other.

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Yes the second Family Type is a tag (We’re not very good at naming our things correctly here!)

Just for the purposes of testing I swapped both to be the same tag and ran it. As you can see it was happy enough to run through the second Tag.ByElementAndLocation node, but did not like the first one.

If I remove all the connections to the second Tag.ByElement, then reattach it will run through the first instance but not the second, giving the same info in the watch nodes.

Try to use a Transaction.End, maybe that will help?


Is the Add Leader default to False or does it need an input?

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Sorry i’m still too new at using Dynamo to fully know what you mean. Should I place this after the ByElementAndLocation?

The default value is false. The original tag i was going to use here needed a leader.

Even with that removed the same issue occurs.

Try to place after the element.setparameterbyname or the view:

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Unfortunately this does not work in either location

I think the problem is in the orchid node.
Try to use the GeniusLoci node.


Ah wow that’s it!

Here I was paranoid I was either calling the second set of commands incorrectly, or had butchered the logic somewhere, when in reality it was a bug in Orchid! I never would have guessed that correctly

Thanks for all yours, and everyone else who has replieds help!

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