Assigning "Sheet Number" to each rebar


We are trying to connect sheet number to rebar. Our aim is to create a schedule in such a way one can trace the rebar. Is it possible using dynamo? It will be like “Sofistick_Assignment” Where we are assigning the rebar to sheet manually. Does these can be automate?


What if you want to place a View, with the same rebar on it, on a different Sheets?

Anyways. Yes, i think it can be done. EDIT It can be done.

A View can be only placed on one Sheet. So i would try the following approach;

Sheet Number to a View (parameter) and push that value to a Rebar parameter
(the rebar only visible in that View).

Look into Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews and ꟿ Collect.ElementsInViewnodes for starters.

But i wonder if you not better think of a different workflow to trace your rebar.