Assigning multiple parameter values to elements


I’m trying to do the next but I have problems with parameter formatint:

  1. I made a selection of elements of a category and write to excel all the elements with all its parameters.

  2. I change values in excel.

  3. I import back this values in dynamo. The problem is that it seems I need to tell dynamo what kind of parameter types they are, and I do not know how.

So I do the following:

I select the elements of the model that have a certain GUID, and then I do a list.combine where the list1 is a list with the names of the parameters, and list2 is a list with all the parameter values for each selected element. I apply a Element.Set.Parameter.byName, but if the values are not strings dynamo does input null values. Any idea how to fix it?

Thanks Steven for a quick response, with your script I get the error that the parameter’s storage type is not a string. So I guess the problem is that Element.SetParameterByName is only for strings and numbers. Not for the rest of types.

the problem is then, that if I just feed my list of parameters of whateever they are How can I get them assigned to the element?

I’m thinking that I need “something” that detects the kind of type parameter it is, to do the assignment properly to the element. I think maybe this is not possible with nodes, I will need to do Python.

by the way, your script and “mine” do the same, so in fact mine is even “shorter” than yours, but it has the same problem.

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