Assigning Multiple Column Families From A List

I am trying to assign both wide flange and HSS column families to my model from an Excel spreadsheet. My list contains both types as shown in the “List.DropItems”. Can someone please help me assign multiple column families to my model given a list of columns? Is there a node that will only select column families given a list of column sizes? Please see the image below.

If you need only columns, you can use AllFamilyTypesOfCategory from Clockwork package to get a list of FamilyTypes (so you are sure they are only columns and not beams or other).
Then with some filtering techniques you can get the related column type to your excel list:

Thank you for your reply. When it searches for the columns in my list from Excel it only returns the first item in my list. Is there a way to have read my Excel list and assign the column family to each size?


You need to use a Cross Product Lacing (right click on the String.Contains node)

This method is more elegant, especially if you have thousands of family loaded, but the name you provide must be exactly the same of the family type: