Assign workset automatically

Hi guys,

I am having an issue while trying to assign worket automatically.
I know… if I only show you this graph, it is more complicated than it should be… It is because I want to do same for level2,level3 , level4 etc… so I can assign each structural elements to its proper workset without taking hours!

So I succeed to get the Level 1 columns, renamed it, , and assign the value with my workset name level 1… But it doesnt work because it is a string… If I dont pick a string, I don’t succeed to group by level and remove others…

Im lost in my process… :frowning:

Hi @fbergeronPM5NT,

The easiest is to use a FilterByBoolMask :



If I want to work with some elements, it requires Work Plane instead of Level name, how do you work with this instead?

For instances with Work Plane like beams, use the SelectByCategoryAndByLevel node.

This is what I tried, I get 0 results because it is not a level , but a Work Plane in the paremeter of hte projet

The latest version of this custom node works with work planes.
Make sure you have an updated version of the * Genius Loci * package.

Super, alors possible que ce ne soit pas cela le problème… je continue de chercher, mais pour le moment ça ne fonctione pas ! Même avec la dernière version!

Super Node en passant, beau travail, exceptionnel :slight_smile:

Merci pour le compliment. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why this fails in your project :

Do you have a screenshot of your project?

Of course.