Assign values from list 1 to list 2 elements

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I am trying to assign values for mark parameter of column elements from a list 1. I have a list of elements to be marked in list 2. But I have only 13 elements in list 2 and 15 values in list 1. I want to assign corresponding values as shown in image. Kindly let me know how to do that ?

I want to skip the values where the element is eliminated. If I have equal lengths of lists then it will work fine for me but if I have unequal then I am facing problems. Final output I want is as marked in the image

Thanks in advance

@shashank.baganeACM can you show you’re script?
Are the elements that are eliminated still available in dynamo?

I think python can help you.

Hi @jw.vanasselt sure. Here are the script and revit files. Please let me know how I can use python to solve my problems

Column numbering.rvt (3.1 MB)

Multi story Structural Column Numbering.dyn (104.3 KB)

Thanks for the documents.
This is you’re problem:

What you need to do is find the elements that you are eliminate.
After that you can do something like this:

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Thanks @jw.vanasselt but I somehow manage to find the elements which are eliminated represented as “empty list”. I have values now. please refer below image.


Now I want assign the respective values to corresponding elements. What ever you have posted the python code it doesnot work for me. Can you please check where I am missing ?

values = IN[0]
ele = IN[1]

newvalue = []
#Do some action in a Transaction

for i in values:
	if i == "Empty List":
		newvalue.append("empty value")


Can you share you’re script again?
And can you give me for example you’re inputs?

BTW, values is i :slight_smile:

Here it is I have updated the script. Please find it below

Multi story Structural Column Numbering.dyn (156.1 KB)

What are you’re inputs here?


irst input 1 = I will select the top level of column present like if I am having column upto 8th floor level then I’ll select 8th floor level

Second input = To extract the values, I will give the Parameter name
(for example “Mark”)

Third input = I will give for upper level elements to be marked, start with “1F-” its a string.

When I check you’re last script you can feed those elements in the rythm node right?
And the values, or do I miss something?

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Hi @jw.vanasselt I have got the solution without using python.

here is the logic I have used

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate your support.

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Good job! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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