Assign profiles to a conceptual mass

Hello everyone, I would need to automatically assign profiles to my conceptual mass using Dynamo script, is it possible to do this? I also thought about importing my mass directly into Dynamo and assigning profiles directly there, is it possible? Thanks a lot to everyone!

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You mean go in editing mode of the Conceptual Mass template, load all profiles and save it so it is available the next time you start a Conceptual Mass?
Or do you want to load the profiles with a load family script?

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Hello! Thanks for the reply! I would like to assign, via Dynamo script, some Structural Frame families to each line you see in the conceptual mass. Putting together multiple families of conceptual masses within the same model will allow me to create a trellis like the one you see in the other image. So, is it possible to create a script, and how, that automatically assigns a structural frame profile family to the conceptual mass lines?

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See this:

I used the search button in the top right and found it

First you need to make sure that your curves are properly grouped in Dynamo. Grouped accordingly to desired profiles. After you can use lines to make beam by curve or you can make adaptive 2 point families with appropriate profiles, also there is 1 more way, more advance, to go with generic model family template and make there with parameters all parameters so the family can take any orientation in the space. This way is much more optimized for a PC system than adaptive families. But if you are dealing with linier elements like Beams, the best option is a Beam by curve node

to differentiate the type of beam for each line, we should retrieve the elements belonging to each subcategory of the conceptual mass family, so we can create the proper. Is it possible to do it?


but better to model the reference geometry entirely in dynamo.

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