Assign Letter to Value for Multiple Values using same Function


I would like to assign the first letter to the lowest number, and work my way to highest.

I can do this with a String.Replace for individual items of a list (which is not appropriate as it is bulky and the number of lists that need to be processed will differ):

How can I assign all values in that list to their appropriate letters using a simplified node structure similar as below, but that gives the same output as above?

I seem to struggle to grasp how to effectively grasp “cycling” through lists of lists with matching values from other lists.

Any guidance or direction would be much appreciated.

Out of the box Replace nodes replace one item at a time. You’re better off using a dictionary with your values sorted lowest to highest. You can then plug that in to your original list to keep list order and list structure.


Had to build something similar recently, so figured I’d share incase that comment isn’t clear.


Thank you both!