Assigning sequential letter to items in list of lists


I have a list of lists with a variable number of items in each sublists. I want to create a list with letters A,B,C,D… to assign to each item in each list, resetting when going to a new list.

Something like this:


Can you help me?

@RuiBarreiros What type of errors are you getting?

First issue you’ll face is that you cannot rename a family by instance… But you could make a parameter holding the letter, or if it is to be used inside dynamo you could make the family into strings first and then use a combination of the count node and list levels, but do show your attempt first :slight_smile:

My first attempt is using the list.cycle node, but I end up with the same letter assigned to each item in the sublist.

I guess i’m missing some logical step here…

PS: Sorry about the messy dynamo, I’m still testing…

It looks like you’re really close actually. Would this work for you?

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That’s perfect! Thanks