Assign elements of a certain systemname to a workset

Hi all,

I want to add all elements belonging to a certain system to a workset.
can someone help me with that or is there allready such a thing.



See if this can’t guide you to where you want.

That comes close, but I would actually like to transport everything that belongs to, for example, cold water to the workset “cold water” and everything that belongs to sprinkler to a workset sprinkler.

in practice, it often happens that modellers work in the wrong workset. I would then like to correct this with a dynamo script.

@menline1, I assumed it would not be exactly what you were looking for, but the concept of gathering everything you want and then applying the workset should be what your looking for. How have you tried to collect the system elements so far? Would you share where you are at and that may help us give you the nudge you need.