Change Workset of all Elements of a Category

Just learning Dynamo Bit by Bit.
I am aiming the following:

  1. List all the elements that belong to a Specific Workset.
  2. List these elements further into categories(discipline).
  3. Then assign a different workset to all elements of one of these categories.

Here I have tried to List all the elements that reside in Grids and Levels and thats where I am stuck.
I tried reading though similar posts and tried my luck further but with no sucess.
I appreciate any tips…
Cheers, KChange Element Workset.dyn (14.7 KB)

Okay, so this example works for elements on shared levels and grids workset.

  • My group of nodes that “Filter Out Non Model Elements” removes elements on the workset that don’t really have a category.

  • It then groups the selected elements by their category.

  • There is a category query that looks in the list of “Unique Keys” and gets the index of that category if it is a valid category in the output.

  • From there, you can determine the new workset you want it to go on.

I hope this helps!