Workset Assign - Assign Workset by List

Greetings Dynamo community,

This is my first post and my first experience with Dynamo. Amazing tool but I have a ton to learn.

I am trying to assign worksets to various categories within my project. My end goal is to have every category in my project assigned to its own workset. So far I have this, (see attached image). I am adding each category to a list and then mass applying a workset that I named as Test for demonstration purposes. Instead of all of the categories being assigned the Test workset, I would like each category to go to its own respective workset. Plantings, Roofs, Walls, Furniture, etc. I don’t know what the next step is and any feedback would be appreciated. I am using the plugin Archi-Lab for this. Thanks!

I think the input of the parameterName and Value also need to be lists in order to achieve this. By the way why do you whish to put every category in a separate work set. Also share you dyn file it will help us in testing it at our end. :grinning:

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I’m wondering this as well!

There is a Workset.Create node I believe in the Rhythm package that will allow you to automate the creation of each category workset.

Thanks for the fast reply y’all! i would upload my .dyn but my account is so new that it will not let me. I don’t necessarily want every category in a separate workset. I want to be able to group like categories under umbrella worksets such as structural, exterior, HVAC, etc. I would really like to be able to have a list of worksets that I know are in my project and then assign categories to their respective worksets. The reason being that instead of having to make sure I am constantly in the right workset when modeling, I can just run this .dyn every once in a while and update the model automatically. Is there a way to achieve this with modification to my current node setup? I was unaware of the Workset.Create node, but I am wanting to assign categories to existing worksets, not create new ones. I hope I’m being clear, I’m still learning the ropes. Thank you again for helping me on this.

You can share a link from dropbox or weshare etc with your .dyn file uploaded :slight_smile: I am not on a computer with Dynamo at the moment so wouldn’t be able to provide help in that way, but I see your Dynamo script here and don’t think it is necessary since you haven’t yet developed one that is fully doing what you are describing.

I suggested the Workset.Create node because I was thinking you were trying to automate the creation of a Workset for each category since that would be incredibly repetitive and time consuming, and then assign each category to a Workset. Your reply made things much clearer than your original reply, by the way :slight_smile: however this is still a bit unclear to me:

You are on the correct track with your above Workflow, in my opinion, by creating a list of elements of categories and setting their Workset that way. I am a tad uncertain now as to what you are seeking - are you looking for a way to do this that eliminates the need to manually create the list of Categories first, to then assign them their correct Worksets?

Hi @christianjgentry

How would you like to be names the worksets of Each Category?

Here is a clearer example of what I am trying to do. The unconnected nodes at the bottom are where I am getting confused. I would like Index 0 to go to the Planting workset, index 1 to go to the Roofs workset, and index 2 to go to the Walls Workset. This would of course then repeat for each workset in the project but these three are examples of how I want to be able to assign categories to worksets. Isn’t flattening just combining all of the lists back into one? That is a concept I am unfamiliar with.Thank you again for the help guys, this is awesome!

Ah, I thought that you were saying your Worksets did not actually correspond to category, rather you have lists/groupings of categories that belong in certain Worksets?

Looking at this workflow, I would imagine that you could use List.Count node to get the number of items of each list of elements of categories, and connect those counts as the input for “amount” with a List.OfRepeatedItem node… you’d still be running each separately though. You would still be having to do this for each Workset/Category grouping, though :thinking: wish i was on a computer to show you graphically what I’m describing and also play around to help better. Maybe someone else will provide you a better suggestion :slight_smile:

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You should be able to do the same thing you did with your elements of category. Create a list of worksets and use that as your Value input.

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