Assign different materials to In-Place components in Dynamo

Sorry, dead end :frowning:

Perhaps Geometry Gym can fly to the rescue?!

anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

I forgot to mention that I want to keep the ralative locations of all 4000 elements.
So converting to rfa will make me to insert rfa into revit and relocate all 4000 elements

Download and try out the Orchid package, there are a lot of parameter add/edit nodes in there - although I haven’t tried them out for in place families. I am unsure how you would be able to apply the material parameter to all the geometry - might be a limiting factor.

Thanks for the tag Mark.
Geometry Gym have a 3rd part IFC importer as an alternative to out of the box Revit.
You can download and try it from the downloads page at
There’s a higher success rate at making native revit elements based on symbols.

You can also manipulate an IFC file prior to importing to Revit, this is most convenient in Grasshopper but you can zero touch load the open source toolkit in Dynamo.

We can help with strategy on this process if you can post or privately share a representative IFC file.



Anytime Jon, great work!

The OP was needing to import IFC and define the .RTE to allow use of embedded materials, so your node looks perfect.



Thanks GavC for the suggestions.

The problem is related to in-place component, you can apply material either by two methods

  1. enter “Edit in-place” mode and you can apply material there, but I can’t find such a node or package to do the same thing in Dynamo.

  2. Just like I showed in my 1st post, create a shared parameter and corresponding project parameter “Material” and assign the shared parameter to the material property in “Edit in-place” mode. Then I can use project parameter to assign material, and I can do the same thing in Dyanmo. The difficult part in this method is that I have to “assign the shared parameter to the material property in “Edit in-place” mode” for 4000 elements by hand, and there is no corresponding dynamo node or package.

Based on my research, Dynamo has limitation on in-place component.

Hi Mark.Ackerley and Jon_Mirtschin,

After directly importing IFC, I can actually assign the materials, but only in “Edit in-place” mode. Look like Dynamo has limitation on “Edit in-place” mode.