Assign a table of properties from excel sheet to a single object in revit model

Hi, this is my first post. I am doing a simulation of some results of my theoric research about the open standard IFC. For this I need to simulate that a table (made in excel) of properties of a single object in my revit model can be viewed in revit when i select that object. The revit model is a building that consists of a set of beams and columns. So the end goal is to view a table of properties that I made in excel when I select a beam or a column in revit. I was shown that for this job I could use dynamo but I am really at the beginning with this software. Please can anyone help me?

I hope i don’t offend you but this is a good place to start.

Yeah, you are right, but cause I have to complete this job in very very short time I hope someone can help me through examples or similar to understand very faster than tutorials a good way to reach satisfying results.

Not sure what you mean by this, but I will take a stab.

Revit has a properties pallet, but if you want to embed data of a structure or format beyond that which readily reads in that value, you would either need to work with a bunch of new parameters or utilize extensible storage to create the data structure and format in the Revit database, write the data to that value, and then create an add-in to display such content.

If that reads as not Dynamo centric it is because the request doesn’t sound very Dynamo centric as I read it, but add-in based. An example of what you are after displaying, and how you want the whole thing to work could help here.