Array of components on curve offsets - Auditorium Seating

Just started learning Dynamo and I am stuck with trying to create a routine for an Auditorium curved seating layout.

The problem is with Duplicate points stacking in the same place at the end point of some of the offset curves.

I am creating a series of offset curves by selecting an arc line in Revit. I am using a code block to do linear point array on the curves.

I get null errors when I do not use List-Transpose on the Cross Product Lacing on Curve-Point at Distance node. I do not think I am able to match the Curve List sequence with the Code block linear array list properly to avoid stacking of points in the same place.

Auditorium Seating Curved Row Offset-Curve-Point-Array-Problem Seating-Array-Duplication-Errors


Hello Virgillio,

You’ll need to flatten the list of points before being able to prune them:


On your second question, you’re most likely getting null values because the list of curves and the list of points are formatted differently. It might be better to use one of the list combination nodes in this case. Have a look at the below discussion for some more info on those:



Thank you. That resolved my problem. I only wish I could rotate or orient the Revit component seats after placing them on the points. Eventually I would like to get all of the seats pointing to the center point of the arc line.