Array model group along path


I am hoping to array this unit module with door, walls, floor and ceiling around this rectangle, drawn with model lines. Can anybody help me with my script?

Thank you

Hard to tell as you have the element ID shown but nothing more. My guess is that you have a group instance not a group type.

Hey, thanks for the response. I am sort of new to Dynamo, can you explain how I would implement that change? The tutorial I was referencing in this exercise is: Revit + Dynamo : Array elements along a path - YouTube

Try getting that group’s type instead and using that. I think you have a group instance there.


That helped me, thanks. Now I’m trying to figure out some basic Dyanmo things. Why does it automatically “bake” my output rather than showing as a preview? If I array with 14 units and then change the slider to 15, the arrays are superimposed instead of overwritten.

Dynamo doesn’t work like Grasshopper in that regard, element creation nodes generate elements in the model rather than show a preview. Only geometry related nodes make a preview in dynamo.

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