Family instance and rotation

Hi every body
i want instal family at point and rotate perpendicularly to the line around the model line at the point.
but i’m stuck at the rotate node
Can you help me?
instance and rotation.dyn (43.9 KB)

Hi @khuvv.hp


Thank you
I want to install each family on a point-by-point basis. The name of each family is in the exel list
I must replace this node like that?3

like this:

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thank you very much

@khuvv.hp Mark the post as solved always if you find solution it will help others who is having similar issues. You’re welcome!

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Hi Kulkul
I tried it and the results were not what I expected.
Can you help me solve it?

instance and rotation family.dyn (46.8 KB)
Thanks you

Sure! Could you drop here rvt file also.

This file below:
instance and rotation family.dyn (46.8 KB)
1.xlsx (9.4 KB)
1.rvt (2.4 MB)
Thanks you

You where missing some inputs. Try this script instance and rotation family(Kulkul).dyn (74.3 KB)

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Thanks you
you are good friend

You’re Welcome! Please mark the post as solved.

Hello @Kulkul I’ve made a slight modification in the graph in order to control the distance between the instances but the result is not fine :confused: could you help me please !

Hi @talbimam

Sure! Drop here your rvt file here.

disposition d’instances forum .dyn (62.5 KB)

@Kulkul i tried twice to upload thr rvt file but he tels me max is 3072 ko ! how can i do ?

Send through dropbox or wetransfer.


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Hi @talbimam
You can see topic:

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@talbimam You can control the distance between instances by using “Curve.PointAtSegmentLength” node:

And here is the dyn file disposition d’instances forum (For Talbimam).dyn (46.1 KB)

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