AreaLoads being Multiplied by Far Clip Offset?

I created the Dynamo nodes shown in the first image, to extract loading information from the area loads, whose properties are shown in the subsequent two images. When I created the area loads, I defined them on a plan view. They look fine in the 3D view of my model. However, as you can see between the first and the last image, the Fx 1, Fy 1, and Fz 1 are being multiplied by the Far Clip Offset value for the 3D model? i.e. the area load is 0.01 kN/m2, and the value spit out in Dynamo is 3.048. Far Clip Offset is 304800. A few orders of magnitude different from the Far Clip Offset, but… You get the idea.

Any insight as to why this is happening?

Two developments:

  1. I had closed the model and reopened, and;
  2. I opened Dynamo 2.0.1 this time, instead of 1.3.??, which I was using previously.

One conclusion:
It works now… i.e. gives the loading values, not affected by the Far Clip Offset. I don’t have much time to figure out what was causing this – perhaps someone else has a theory. I’ll mark as (self-)solved anyways :slight_smile: