AreaChart by Mandrill doesn't work


I tried to make an area chart like in this page :
But when I click in Launch Window, “Dynamo has stopped working”, in another computer it open a window but there is nothing inside.
I try with a Bar Chart and it works
Dynamo version :
Mandrill version : 2017.12.3

FYI @Konrad_K_Sobon

Mandrill is built against Dynamo 2.0. You are on a very very old version (1.2.2).

You are going to see issues with the latest release until you update to a newer version.

You may be able to install an older version, but I imagine that would still need at a minimum, Dynamo 1.3.4. I cannot confirm this though.


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Your TickMarksX input is set to 10 while you only have 5 data points (a, b, c, d, e). Please set it to 5 and try again.

Also, @john_pierson has a valid point. it’s best to use the version that is compatible with Dynamo version.