Area separation line is slightly off Axis

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I am currently working with an As-Built Revit model and the “Area separation line is slightly off-axis and may cause inaccuracies” warning has appeared frequently due to the nature of the existing geometries.

Is there any advice on how these warnings can be managed or dismissed as these slightly offset walls will be remaining?


That’ s what it is, in an “As Build” model, i guess.
Just check if the Area Separators are where they should be.

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Here is the reference for the solution.

It’s important to remember the ‘end use’ on the content provided. Assuming you’re using Revit as a design tool, the dimensions you specify in the documentation all come with some degree of flex in tolerances.

Construction tolerances for a framed wall are typically afford a tolerance of 1/2" in 32". More restrictive values for something like a concrete slab are in the range of 1/2" over 120". With those tolerances the angle to 'put a constructed wall out of compliance with that number is 0.895 degrees, and the value to put a slab with out of compliance is 0.23. Both of which are outside of Revit’s trigger for this warning which is about 0.22 degrees.

Of course there are aspects of some trades who have higher level of accuracy (ie: a class A floor slab has a maximum deviation of 1/8" in 120" which results in 0.05 - about 1/4 of Revit’s limit, though that’s for a level plane not the ‘edge’ of the slab).

In the end I find that 99% of the time if you step back and abstract the building keeping ‘what the guys in the field can do with this’ in mind, you’ll find that you have less ‘off axis warnings’ than you think.

Edit: adding a useful graph to calculate what the angle is given two tolerance values:

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for the link.

I am aware of the process of correcting the alignment of the lines. I was hoping that there was a script that could override these warnings as they are a product of existing site conditions.

Thanks Jacob,

That is a valid point as the tolerances are so minute that they would hardly be noticeable.

I was hoping that I could add a script that would override the area lines that are off-axis warnings as I have diligently aligned these boundaries to the existing wall conditions.

@cgillmer as @JacobSmall explained you can not override the warnings unless you correct the elements. We can create a script for rotate the lines. But it will not effective for as-build.

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If in your alignment you put in a parametric constraint, then the good news is that you only need to fix the off-axis walls and the floors will follow. :slight_smile:

Thanks Vijay,

I see, so the warnings would still remain. It would have been great if a tolerance could be factored in for existing site constraints. Would you be able to point me in the direction of such a script?

@cgillmer here is the video for the script. Try to create as in the video if you struggle somewhere I love to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the link Vijay! I will give this a go and let you know if it helped.

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