Area for surface in Dynamo Civil 3D

Dear all.

I have to work in dynamo for Civil 3D. But I have the problem: the dynamo doesn’t calculate the area for surfaces. I don’t understand. Please see the picture for the question that’s attached file bellow:

Please help me.

Hi @khugt60, Hope its Civil 3D surface you are talking about. if not please ignore this.

See if this helps.

what i know is you have to get surface geometry to Dynamo to calculate area. say triangulation or some other method.

Dear Sir.
Thanks for your comment but:
I am working on the surface of object cad 3D, not civil 3D.
I use the dynamo for civil 3D because many solutions very fast

Ok, so its a CAD object in 3D for which you need surface area ? something like block you mean.

if its ok can you attach your drawing file ?

Is the Geometry Working Range set to Medium?