Archi-Labs `Delete Elements` not working

I’m trying to create a graph to delete duplicate elements. I have managed to create a list of elements I want to delete, however, the node I’m using to actually delete these elements isn’t doing anything.
Project: Revit 2016
Dynamo 1.2.1
archi-lab 2015.6.30.

Thanks in advance!

is there any error messages that the node has? can you provide a screenshot of the graph?

I don’t get any errors, it just gives a “null” output.
I am sending in a flattened list of elements.
I currently prioritize within reasonable time (it takes a ton of time to load and show what’s going on) over showing an image so forgive me for not getting an image.

Here it is anyway.

What is the preview on the flatten node?

You could try the tool.eraser node in springs (I think that is the package) as an alternative.

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Seems to be just fine.

Tool.Eraser is in Steamnodes, I’ve actually already tried it but still no result. Now that I’ve got Dynamo 1.2.1 working I should probably give another shot.

Edit: Tool.Eraser actually seems to have erased some of them, still the majority is still there, I think I’m going to give it another run.

Tool.Eraser actually managed to get rid of most of them now that I have Dynamo 1.2.1.

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Is there a commonality if the other elements? Perhaps nested families?

That would mean that there’s two different families with two nested families with exactly the same position, I doubt that.
But two thirds is better than nothing. package version 2019.2.1 works. I don’t know what the issue is that you were experiencing.


For future posts please, attach images of any errors, and minimal sample model for us to be able to re-create the issue. Like @JacobSmall was saying there might be all sorts of reasons that would cause the graph to fail. I would for sure start with looking into things in that list. Are there Element Types on that list. Deleting a single element type would also delete all of its instances, and invalidate any other ids in that list causing an exception. This could be just one of the potential issues.