issue - help please

Help please.
I am getting errors with version 2019.9.2.7 package. I am wondering if I should install an earlier version. I am primarily in Revit 2018 running Dynamo… but am also looking at Revit 2019.

Please advise.

So version 2019.2.7 refers to:

  • 2019 - stands for Revit version that this was built against. If you open the package in Revit 2018, that version of the API will get loaded, and even though you get a warning (your image), it is not an issue, unless you use a node that calls Revit 2019 specific methods. I would say that between 2018 and 2019, 99% of the package is compatible with both. Disregard the warnings.
  • 2 - stands for version of Dynamo. You are in Dynamo 2.0 so you should be just fine.
  • 7 - stands for my internal build number. It’s a 7th revision to that package since it was updated to Dynamo 2.0.

You should be fine. Disregard the warnings.