Archi-lab_Grimshaw Get BuilInParameter Name with Roofs

Hi Konrad,
I am trying to use your node with several categories of elements, it is ok with walls, pillars and generic models. What’s wrong with roofs?
Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad English.




I had a really poorly designed method in there to handle all different object types. I got it fixed now.

Although, I haven’t exactly fixed the OOTB method that still fails on most types:


You will have to bring this up with the dev team.

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ps. I will get a few more fixes into my package and post it to package manager. it might be at the end of the week.

Hi !!!

I will try it, it will be very useful for my work!!! Thank you very much ![:)](upload://uva7CMIihWj2PUMbSBJqxkqJlAB.gif)

well actually this was working just fine for 0.9.2 but now is broken again in 1.0. I can’t do anything about it yet. It’s Dynamo dev team that dropped the ball on this one. Sorry.