Archi-lab Elements.OwnerView null output in Revit 23

Hello there,

I created a script in Dynamo 2.10 (Revit 22), which lists out all linked dwgs, their paths and which view are they placed on.
I used archi-lab’s Elements.OwnerView block to get the view names, but it puts out ‘null’ if I run it in Dynamo 2.13 (Revit 23).
It works perfectly in Revit 22.
Any ideas why this might be happening?

You’re likely using the wrong version of Archi-lab in 2023. See the linked post for info.

turns out, it depends on how you linked your CAD files in your project. Element.OwnerView only gives you a value if you go to the INSERT tab → Link CAD → Tick Current View Only.
Otherwise, you can use Element.GetParameterValueByName to get the Work Plane value.