Archi-lab breaks native codeblock references

With the latest archi-lab package installed the native “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” will not function in a codeblock and if you try to turn the native “FamilyInstance.ByPoint” into a codeblock via the “NodeToCode” option Dynamo will crash.

I suspect the package recycles some reference names that shouldn’t be duplicated. Pulling the package fixes the problem.

The issue is that Dynamo doesn’t currently know what to do with namespaces and classes that use the same name. So there is a class in that’s called FamilyInstance and it creates family instances by line. There is also a class in dynamoRevit called FamilyInstance and that causes confusion as to which one to use when the code block searches for references. I will rename mine to something else and it should be good. It will be fixed in 2018.0.9.


Thanks Konrad!