Apply View Filter from one View Template to other

I’m trying to get all the applied view filter and its graphics override setting to apply to other views, So far i’m only successful in Adding a view filter to the view template but not overriding the graphics of it, I tried removing the view filters from the view and apply it again with a node but that didn’t work either, any idea how i could fix this?

does anyone have any updates on this? i don’t really know what i did wrong here :frowning:

Bumping this thread…i needed this too.

This should work:

Here’s a view template that we will be pulling overrides/filters from:

Here’s the workflow:

I tried to annotate it a little bit to make it understandable.




Another possible way would be the :snowflake:_Copy Filter Overrides to Views node from the Sastrugi package. :grinning:

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If i want the filter in the source Vew Template to be added to ALL existing View Templates what node should i use instead of using the View Templates node…


Possible to use this?

Hi, Konrad

I am trying your solution but the Node View.RemoveFilter does not exist in the Arch-lab package do you know anything about it, or in which version the node exists?

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search: “Views.RemoveFilter”