Apply New Style to Only Pipes in List

Looking for a way to apply a different Pipe Style to a trimmed down list of pipes that have another given style in my drawing. I know how to apply a style to all pipes in a network, but only want to change those within my list that have a specific style (see screenshot below), and am not sure how to redirect the list back to the selection to be applied to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Steve Walz

@CADguy82 you need to replace the list input of the List.FilterByBoolMask() with the list of pipes you are getting from the node PipeNetork.GetPipesStructures().

Calling Pipe.Name() and GetPipeByName() are not necessary.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Thanks for the tips! I removed the 2 nodes and shifted AND reworked

some things. I’m still not entirely sure how to take the new list (output from the List.FilterByBoolMask) as my “selection set” and apply a new style (in this case a DEMO pipe style in my drawing) to just those with that pre-filtered style applied (see screenshot below).

There are a lot of ways to do it, but whatever method you use, the goal is that the list of styles can be mapped back to the same index numbers of the original pipes list. Here’s one way to do it. A boolean mask works too.

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@mzjensen That’s it! I was missing the List.GetItematIndex to group them back together. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it!