Any way to get Excel.WriteToFile to run in the background

I am using the Excel export to take data from one Revit model and export it to about 15 worksheets in one Excel file. The actual definition takes a long time to run (it is doing a lot of things :), but then a Excel gets opened up, steals focus and the data is dumped in.

Is there any way to get this operation to run in the background, and stop it from stealing focus? If I’m not careful and I’m typing an email or something, then my Excel export gets infected with whatever I was typing. Not pretty…

Hello Luke Johnson,

I have logged your request and it is being tracked under MAGN-7057.

Keep Using Dynamo and provide your valuable feedback.





Yes, there is a way. I was working on a little Python node to do just that. It’s not ready (well the part that you want is but the whole package isnt) yet, so I wasn’t going to release it yet. If you want to give it a whirl though contact me via e-mail and i can send you a sample to play with before I finish it up and release into the wild. :slight_smile: Does that work?

Sounds cool, I’ve sent you an email.