Reading/writing delay/sequence

Dear team,

I encounter an issue when writing data to excel and reading data from excel.

The desired action is that Revit data is pushed through excel and subsequently parse data out of excel.

At this moment in time the data gets parsed first (effectively reading old data). Is there a method to prevent this?

I have seen the post : though it does not directly give me an idea of a good method.

It would be of help to be aware if there is a way to control the execution of the nodes with a timer or a “if-node-X- has run node-Y-can start” solution


wr Dino


Progress so far:
The issue seems that the list being parsed from excel is only opened once at the first run of the Dynamo execution.
After such it remains as a list already loaded and not refreshed.

Dear team,

I have tried some approaches and am stuck with bellow setup, which works, but requires a slider to be reset eachtime.

progress 2

Section A acts as a trigger to reset the file path in order to let dynamo refresh/

Section B has a Thread.Pause-node which helps to delay the read of the excel, on its turn allowing another node group to write first.

I would be helped with having the section A resolved with a setup that has the slider removed. ( i tried a random number node or time node to act as a trigger , though they remain static when excecuting the Dynamo_Run and need a trigger on itself).


wr Dino

This is some really strange behavior. The “File.FromPath” node was introduced exactly for the problem you’re having. It’s supposed to register a change each time the file is saved. Not sure why it is not doing it in your case.

Hi Dimitar,

Thank you for highlighting that the node should work

i run on windows 2014, using the latest Dynamo ( and office 2013.

Once i am home I test it on the home laptop to see if it is a local issue. If so, i will ask IT to reinstall Dynamo