Any side effects by deleting demolished items, and combine all phases to "existing"?

Hello guys, this is more a Revit question, than dynamo.

I work as building owner and often receive models with demolished buildingparts, and with mutliple phases. I want turn these models into operation models.

Would it cause me any problems to clean the model, by deleting demolished parts, and then combining all phases into “Existing” phase?

Not sure why you’d want to do this…
but if you’re deleting the demolished parts then you’re going to have bits of wall in your model that don’t exist any more if that’s what you mean?

The proposed phase should be your completed building. Just use that phase and keep the rest as a record of what has been done.

Can merge phases within Revit’s phase tool:

This will do as you are wanting to do.

We turn them in to Operational models. So if a wall is demolished, the wall will physical not be there, when the project is finished. We dont care about what has been done, when its put into operation - offcause we save a version, for det archive, so we have the history of what has been done. But the operational model/digital twin, is cleaned up/reset.

Thanks I do this with out models today. My question is, if it can cause any side effects by doing this - displace geometry, loose constrains etc.

Nothing is lost between phases (except when you demolish, but that’s already done) so merging will have no side effects. The physical model is as it is. Merging phases will not change anything else.

Sometimes wall joins be a little fussy.

Ok, thanks Nick. Its because we use an architect, that points out that they wont delete demolished items, because it can give problems with insertionspoint etc.

Ex. new windows in a house with same size. I made i to the test with no issues, but just want to make sure, its not a problem in the future.

Shouldn’t be, but you can always delete and merge after you’ve ensured everything is coming in at the right location.

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