Converting New Construction Walls to Existing

Hello! I am a beginner at Dynamo, so I’m not sure if what I’m asking is possible. Let’s say I have a revit model and would like to convert all new construction to be existing and remove all demolished from the project because it is no longer relevant to the next project. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Currently I have two scripts going: one to sort out new construction walls and one to sort out the demolished walls. Again my scripts could be completely wrong.

Hi @ewright6XXMQ

Your script looks quite okay to do the job you want to do. But could you share the error message you are getting on the last node?

I think it has something to do with the parameter type (because it is probably not a string).

Regards, Daan

You are filtering the name of the Phases, not the wall elements themselves. Connect the All elements of Type node also to the Filter Node.

May be it will help you…

Here is an image of the error message. It looks like it is not a string, not sure what it should be.

Is this correct? Is it now selecting the walls themselves vs the names of phases?

The error means you cannot supply “Existing” as a string.
You need to provide the input as a Phase.
Try this:

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Because Phasing in Revit works by Instance and not by Type. Get All Elements Of Category, not the Types.

I figured this out, I had a couple things connected incorrectly.

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