Alternative GUI package to Data-Shapes


I am playing around with a dynamo script that hopefully, after some QA, could be used by others in the company that I work for.

I’d like people who aren’t that dynamo savvy to be able to use it. So I would love to add a GUI for some of the prompts.

Does anyone know any alternatives to the package data-shapes? I wish the author the very best of luck but unfortunately I cannot currently justify the 250eur I would need for a licence.


Hi @DukeofPork ,

Where did you find that you’ll have to pay €250 to use Data-Shapes?

You can install it for free through the Dynamo Package Installer.


:dizzy_face: @DukeofPork lookout! Someone is definately pulling a fast one here… @Daan is correct in it being free.

As well as the package manager, you can even download direct from

Also, for an alternative UI, as the question states, you could look at learning a little about Winforms here.


I remember how steep the learning curve was @Ewan_Opie starting with Dynamo, it took me months.
@DukeofPork is a new member here since last month.
In the first month i learned Dynamo, I learned also about the Point world in Revit from @Zach_Kron so mine was steep for sure.
(back in the Yellow Node Days)


Hi all,

Thanks for all the messages.

For some reason I could not for the life of me fine Data-Shapes when searching in package manager. Maybe too many Easter beers and hot cross buns.

Then I saw the 250eur here Revit Addins – data|shapes. Maybe this is for proper plug ins for people to use not just dynamo nodes? Best of luck to the author nonetheless.

Cheers all for the replies.

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Look up Data-Shapes instead of data shapes. Worst comes to worse it is definitely on the dynamo packages website. The package is free, the paid items on their website are addins for Revit. They also produce a tool called Orkestra which is free for 1 local user and paid if cloud/network based.

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Hi Gavin,

Yeah i’m starting to learn how particular the search inputs need to be in dynamo for sure! A few curse words have been uttered.

Big fan of the channel also. I’m going through your GUI tutorial now on youtube now.