All Family Types of a Category

From a Categories node I want to get All Family Types associated with that Category (in this case, all associated with Floors)

It’s different with system families. You have to use ElementTypes and All Elements of Type.

Thank you

I have made progress - see image. I now want to tell it to place a strength value in any Floor that is made of concrete. The parameter exists in the Type so it just needs to find “Strength” and then add the value (25 MPa).

You will need to fix your FilterByBoolMask
In the “list” you want to feed the output of All Elements of Type (this is what you are rying to filter)
In the “mask” you want to feed the output of your String.Contains"

This will give you a list of floors. From there you can SetParameterName

Hello @23436186 and welcome… try something here…

Thanks all!

Hi, me again - still struggling. It appears that the type parameter that I created - and any other type parameter I try & find - are not being recogmised. I created “Strength” but even when I use an existing type parameter “Function”, I get a null output when one exists in every Type.

Floor schedule showing type paramenter here:

I have tried this again: replaced Strength with a new Type Parameter “Comments”. This appears in properties and Dynamo is showing it as a Parameter Type and of a Text form. But when I run Set Parameter By Name the error message is “No parameter found by that name”

Hello…think you need element.element.type…if it a type parameter you will write to…